"Let the beauty we love be what we do." ~Jelaluddin Rumi

The Journey of Makeup is no easy voyage. In today's world, to step outside the box and pursue a dream means giving up every ascribed norm and throwing caution to the wind.

Amanda knew that makeup was her passion, but like an obedient daughter, finished college with a BA in English. Then she was off!! Six months later she was attending the MKC Beauty Academy with amazing artists such as Jeff Siegel, Amber Council, Angel Jagger and Margaret Kimura, makeup artist extraordinare and co-founder of MKC Beauty Academy.

Since completing the Master's level program, Amanda has worked on projects ranging from film to photography to cabaret. Currently, Amanda resides in LA, and is living her dream as the makeup artist she knows she can be...

"As a makeup artist, the word beauty is constantly with me, and is large part, my philosophy of makeup. The details I enhance, no matter how minute, will change an entire person, feeling or situation long enough for that one perfect moment or shot. I believe there is beauty in everything, and see potential in all things. Inspiration is ever present, creativity and passsion are what it takes to discover it..."